Tier One Aztec Property Services Receives the 2019 BSCAI Safety Award

Tier One Aztec Property Services is very pleased to receive the 2019 BSCAI Safety Award. We are proud to be a company that puts safety at the forefront of everything we do and winning this award for safety is one of the highest compliments we could receive.

Our purpose is to bring quality building maintenance services to our clients and create healthy, clean and safe environments that significantly improve the overall work place. Excellence in this area is a non-negotiable, core enterprise value.

Tier One Aztec Property Services is very pleased to receive the 2019 BSCAI Safety Award

“We invest a great number of our resources into the development and implementation of comprehensive safety training programs, so that our employees are able to protect themselves on the job and practice with the same enthusiasm off the job. We want to ensure that safety becomes second nature. It is an honor to receive this award and to be recognized for our efforts in ensuring safety at the workplace. We will continue to achieve ‘Tier One’ customer service in a ‘Tier One’ manner,” says J. Harold Hatchett III, President and CEO of Tier One Aztec Property Services.

Our people are our most important resource. Ensuring their health and safety, as well as that of our clients and visitors in the buildings we service, is our first responsibility.

Tish Williams, National Health Safety and Environmental Director, states “As a company we take great pride in our strong safety culture! Safety and the importance of our employees and our clients going home each day as they arrived is our top priority. Safety, training and compliance have helped us cultivate a culture that ensures all levels of the company are involved. We value each one of our employees and our client partners. This award is a great accomplishment and a testament to our commitment to safety as a whole.”

Thank you, BSCAI, for acknowledging our efforts in safety through this award!

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